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The true meaning of branding refers to the perception that customers have about your Brand.

We develop branding for entrepreneurs and companies. The real difference between you and your competitors will be the power of your brand and your commitment to it. For us is essential to create a conscious development allowing your business to leave an indelible impression on your consumers’ mind.
Creating a brand and its aesthetic is an exhaustive process that starts with a precise definition of the project. To create an accurate branding strategy is precise to know what are the fundamentals, the culture, how is shaped, who are the involved actors and what are the long term goals of your business.

It is estimated that for the year 2030 more than 5000 million people will be connected to the Internet.

In the era of digital communications, when there is more than one mobile phone per inhabitant, the presence of your business online is essential for potential customers to know you.
From an institutional landing page to an online store, we develop any kind of sites that allow you to connect better and quicker with your key audience increasing visibility and sale opportunities.

Graphic Design consists on projecting a determinate message to a specific audience making use of an aesthetic component.

In the base of all modern visual communication we find Graphic Design. A brand, a website or a simple flyer has the need of Design to go from a simple idea to a concrete object (or a virtual one).
From a logotype to a complete corporate identity. From a personal card to the packaging of your new product. We offer digital or printed design for any project that you have in mind.

Being on the Social Networks is not the same as having presence in the Social Networks.

Having a Fan Page on Facebook or an Instagram profile is not enough for you to communicate with your customers or audience. An adequate management of social networks is fundamental for your message to be received loud and clear.
It is important to identify which social networks are more suitable to promote your business and focus -producing quality content- in those that will allow you to generate a community of followers and potential customers.

How we work

With a small series of steps to follow, we can achieve a successful project.

Get to know you and know us. That is the beginning of a respectful and trustful work relationship that will allow us to come up with a product with which you will be 100% satisfied.

1. Meeting
Before we start, we want to know you. What do you like, who are your competitors, what your budget is, what are your ideas, what kind of message you want to send, what are the goals of your entrepreneurship, etc. If we cannot meet face to face, we can manage a Skype, Hangouts, or Facetime call.
2. Project
Following the information gathered during our first contact, we evaluate your needs and offer you a tailored project in a formal quote.
3. Launch
Once our goals are defined and the budget is approved, it’s time to get our hands dirty! With a fast and dynamic feedback, the projects are finished in the expected delivery time mentioned on the quote.

Start a project!


A small team of great professionals.

Smartdog Studio was born from the collaboration of two Social Communication professionals that found in Design their best ally. From the first day, our work ethic, the commitment to the project and the respect for the client are our best assets.
Our tools to face new challenges are: constant learning, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence.
Nahuel Mombello
Graphic & Web Design
Constanza König
Social Media & Photography
Motivation & Coaching

What do the say about us?

I am a person that likes to delegate its responsibilities to professionals that really know what they are doing, in that way I can focus exclusively on improving my technique.
Smartdog is safe bet.

Ezequiel Samuraii, Ink Seas Tattoo

What do the say about us?

Great sense of aesthetic, dedication, commitment, great work will and attention to detail are just some of the characteristics that describe the work of Smartdog. They are a real ally for any Company searching for Design and Communication services.

Martín Uriarte, Omnia S.A.

What do the say about us?

Being a Luthier I’ve got a very active participation in events and trade shows. As I like to be on every detail, delegating the matters referred to social media and design was very difficult at first, but watching the results reached by Smartdog, it is clear to me that I took the right choice.

Pablo Massa, Pablo Massa Guitars

Why choosing us?


We like to work seriously. We attend the needs of our customers in a responsible way. No matter if you own a big company or you are an independent entrepreneur, your Project is OUR Project.


Your time is worth it. Our delivery time is precise and according to the needs of your project. With the right feedback, our works are always delivered on time.


We like to fly high. For your brand to leave an indelible impression on your customers, it needs to stand out and that is why GOOD DESIGN is our priority.


Where are we?
Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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